Petite Stitchery Runway Raglan – The Remix Featuring Emerson

I have been sewing off and on for almost 20 years now.  I have always used patterns, never venturing off the beaten path, just making beautiful things by following the directions.  I made my first modification last year when I was making dresses for the live action Beauty and the Beast movie.  I will write a blog post on my first modifications for these Beauty and the Beast dresses at later date.

When the tester call went out for the Runway Raglan, I immediately took to pinterest and started searching for styles that I love.  I found a few styles that I loved but I really loved the design that Ashley came up with.  It was a very simple yet nice design.  I made a few tops for me and my children (hubby didn’t get one since the men’s pattern isn’t ready yet).

While making the ones for me, I decided that I wanted a different look.  I wanted a larger neckline to have more of an off the shoulder look.  I made this one out of waffle knit fabric from a destash in the So Sew English group on Facebook.  Once I was ready to add the neckband, I decided that I wanted to try trimming 1/2″ off of the neckline.  I tried it on and the neckline was perfect but then decided that it needed to be a little wider since I needed to add the neckband.  After trimming another 1/2″ off of the neckline, I added the neckband and it was perfection.

Darla - S - Mod - 2Darla - S - Mod - 6

For my next modification, I did something very amazing…well at least to me.  I took a pattern that was only written to be a top and made it a dress.  I tested the Emerson pattern.  This pattern is amazing and I love it as a top but days before the release I saw our local traffic girl wearing a v neck curved hem DRESS.  I brought my kids to school and immediately got to work mashing up the Emerson top and the Runway Raglan Dress version.  I can do a more detailed tutorial if any needs but basically I lined up the underarms but kept the slim bodice of the Emerson so I had to scoot my pattern pieces over a bit.  The only other modification that I made to it was to smooth out the hip curve.  This is my first mash up so that could just be my inexperience.   I think this mash up worked out perfectly and it is a dream in Navy Laura Floral double brushed poly from So Sew English.

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Emerson Top –

Runway Raglan –

Emerson Runway - 1Emerson Runway - 5

Emerson Runway - 3
Ha…my heel sunk into the grass!

Emerson Runway - 8


Thanks for reading about my modifications and mashups!  Happy Sewing!


Candi Couture Designs goes to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in Striped Swallow Designs

For 2 weeks in late February/early March Houston has a Boot Scootin Good Time when the Rodeo comes to town. My husband and I went to the rodeo during college and we saw some great bands…oh and there’s also rodeo stuff too but I love music so that’s why I go to the rodeo.

When my friend said she had tickets to sell, I jumped at the chance to take my oldest daughter to another concert. She is 13 and she’s been to about 4 concerts now. She has seen Taylor swift (twice both birthday gifts), Demi Lovato (last year at the rodeo), and last night we saw Alessia Cara. She was very good. I loved her set.

Earlier last week, I asked if she wanted me to make her something to wear to the rodeo. I told her to browse Pinterest and give me some ideas. She was busy with school so during one of my late night Pinterest-scrolling-sessions (some people call it insomnia), I found a top and sent it to her. She said Yes to the Top…lol.

It didn’t take me long to find a pattern that was similar. I found Striped Swallow Designs. The Cloud Chaser was the perfect pattern to recreate what she was looking for in a top to wear to the rodeo.

This pattern came together very quickly. I modified the pattern and just left off the sleeve cuff that the pattern calls for. She wanted more flowy sleeves so that is the direction that I went.

Now onto my top. While I was on the Striped Swallow Designs website, I saw the Desert Breeze Top and immediately knew that is what I wanted for my top.

I made this pattern per the instructions without modifying it at all. For mine, I used some red (my favorite color) floral from So Sew English. I’m so glad that I have more of this fabric leftover to make myself something else. It is beautiful.

I am very pleased with my first 2 Striped Swallow Designs patterns. I wish I would’ve tried these patterns back when I bought them all those months ago (probably when they released)! I am excited to make more of these and all the ones I have already purchased.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my sewing. I’m so excited to be able to share with everyone.

Hop on into Spring

Sew Jamlee Fabric - 4
Hoping into Spring

Are you ready to hop on into Spring?  Well this girl is and her mama!  While I love cozy cardigans and french terry pullovers, I love warmer weather (my idea of warmer weather is between 75-85 degrees, which we get for like 3 days in Houston).  I can’t wait to start making and wearing tank tops and shorts and rompers…OH MY!

In today’s blog post, I am writing about this wonderful fabric from Sew Jamlee Fabrics and More.  This pink floral fabric made the perfect leggings and raglan top for my girl to wear to school.  And a white raglan wouldn’t be completed without a perfect appliqué saying.

Sew Jamlee Fabric - 9
Hello Spring Applique from HoopMama Designs

This applique design is a modified HoopMama Design that can be found here.  I used my Embrilliance software to remove the rays of sunshine since I only wanted the saying and the flower that matches perfectly with the fabric from Sew Jamlee Fabrics and More.

I’m so glad that I found this fabric shop. The quality is great and she is super fast at shipping.  You can place your orders in her facebook group by sending Jules a facebook message.  She really has some amazing fabric and I can’t wait to get more.

I love how the cotton lycra fabric is so comfortable and allows her to move freely.  Perfect for a fun and playful 6 year old girl.  She already can’t wait to wear this to school (hopefully it stays white) and show off her new mama made to her friends!

Sew Jamlee Fabric - 7Sew Jamlee Fabric - 3

I used 2 patterns from CKC patterns for this outfit.  The top is the Sydney Raglan pattern.  I made a size 5 and used the straight hem bodice for the top.  There is also a dress length option and an option to have both the dress and top length have a curved hemline.  I love how this pattern is perfect for showcasing appliqués as well as amazing fabrics.  For the leggings, I used the Priscilla Leggings pattern.  This pattern has a few options.  I chose the straight uncuffed option.  This version makes the perfect leggings to play in.  There is also an option to add a cuff as well as a side ruched panel option making this pattern very versatile.

Since Spring is on its way, my girl wanted to be the Easter Bunny so I snapped a shot of her posing as a bunny.

Sew Jamlee Fabric - 5

And now I will leave you with a few more shots from our photo shoot.  She loves her new outfit and I love how it all came together.

Sew Jamlee Fabric - 2Sew Jamlee Fabric - 6Sew Jamlee Fabric - 10Sew Jamlee Fabric - 7Sew Jamlee Fabric - 1 SpringSew Jamlee Fabrics - 11

Happy sewing!


Floral Wars and a Tami Hoodie

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Tami - DVFW - 6

I love the Tami Hoodie.  This is the 3rd one that I have made and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.  I have so many other hoodie patterns and raglan patterns but I can’t seem to stray away from the Tami Hoodie.  I have made the Tami with regular cuffs and thumbhole cuffs. Now that I think of it I need to dedicate an entire blog post to all my Tami’s. That is now added to my to do list.  If you wish to purchase the Tami Hoodie you can do so here.

Tami - DVFW - 5

For this Tami, I used a Darth Vader panel for the front bodice and the Floral Wars coordinate from Knitorious Fabric for the main hood, sleeve cuffs, and the bottom band.  For the back bodice, sleeves, and the hood lining, I used solid black cotton lycra from Seweird Fabric.  Both of these fabrics are amazing in quality.  The cotton lycra is readily available but the Darth Vader panel and the Floral Wars coordinate are very hard to find.

For the Darth Vader Tami Hoodie, I did the long length bodice, thumbhole cuffs, and a lined hood (not part of the pattern).  I don’t think I have ever made a hood unlined.  I like not having to hem the top part of the hood.  In order to make a lined hood on any pattern with a hood option, I cut 4 hood pieces (2 of my main fabric and 2 of my lining fabric).  I sew the right side of the hood to the left side of the hood (right sides together) in the main fabric and the lining fabric.  Then I sew the main hood and the lining hood together right sides together. Finally, I topstitch the top/front part of the hood but that is optional and is more so that the hood stays put and doesn’t show too much of the lining fabric or get wonky (technical term) in the front.

Tami - DVFW - 12

If you know me, you know that I LOVE all things Star Wars.  I decided to have a lot of fun with my photo shoot so I grabbed my sons lightsaber and had a blast.  I hope you enjoy these fun pics in my favorite hoodie.

Tami - DVFW - 2Tami - DVFW - 4Tami - DVFW - 3Tami - DVFW - 1

I can’t wait to make more of these cute fandom items with the custom fabric that I have.

Thanks for reading and keep sewing!


Ellie and Mac Blog Tour – The Dashing Dress

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Welcome to the Ellie and Mac Get Ready for Spring Blog Tour hosted by Seams Sew Lo!  Today, I am featuring the Dashing Dress.  This dress features a peter pan collar and a beautifully flowy gathered skirt as well as your choice of 3/4 or long sleeve.  The Dashing Dress is available in sizes XXS – 3XL.  You can find the pattern available for sale here.

Dashing Dress - 5

I made the size small and it fits wonderfully without any adjustments (my measurements fall right into the small size for Ellie and Mac Patterns).  Personally, I love how the waist isn’t fitted but you could easily add clear elastic to the bodice/skirt seam to pull it in for a tighter fit.  I chose the 3/4 sleeves because I would like this dress to transition into spring (and maybe even summer).  The fabric that I chose is light and airy enough to wear anytime.

I made this dress with a single brushed polyester fabric that I found at Hobby Lobby a few months ago.  I was sweating while cutting it out because I knew I had only enough to cut one and I hadn’t seen this fabric in my recent trips to HL.  I was hoping that I could get this cut out without making any cutting mistakes.  Thankfully, I didn’t need to worry because I had enough with the 3 yards that I had and I didn’t make any cutting mistakes.  The black is a DBP (double brushed polyester) from So Sew English.  I think this dress came out wonderfully and I can’t wait to show it off.

I took a few pictures with my hair down and then I decided that it showed off the collar more if I pulled my hair up so into a bun it went.  Either way this dress is perfect for a day at the office or a night out on the town.

Dashing Dress - 8Dashing Dress - 7Dashing Dress - 10

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Petite Stitchery – Women’s Adelyn – On Sale Today Only (2/11/18)

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Today  is all about the Women’s Adelyn over at Petite Stitchery.  I made the dress length with long sleeves.  This pattern has options for a tunic length and also has 3 sleeve lengths (short, elbow, and long).  I can’t wait to make a tunic length and maybe even try sleeveless since I live in hot and spicy Texas. The Adelyn features a gentle swing silhouette with a v hem.  This is a really unique feature and it makes this dress so beautiful.  Don’t be scared of hemming the V, the tutorial walks you through how to hem it perfectly.


Fast sews are also becoming my go to’s and this pattern is so quick.  When it takes longer to print, tape, and cut the pattern out than it doesn’t to actually sew it up, that is a big win in my book.


I used a very buttery double brushed polyester fabric that I purchased off of a destash site on Facebook.  I don’t know where it originally came from but I love it so much.  Double Brushed Poly, or DBP as it is known, is becoming one of my go to fabrics when sewing knits.

Get your Women’s Adelyn Pattern here (aff link) while it is on sale today only.


Thanks for reading and Happy Sewing!



Petite Stitchery Lulu

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I am totally in love with my Lulu!  This sweater has been wore many times since I made it last fall.  I made my youngest daughter 2 Lulu’s, and my older daughter and I have 1 each (although I have been asked to make more with fabric already picked out).

The light pink ribbed sweater knit is from Joann’s and the Coral and Red sweater knit is from Love Adore Knits.  I purchased the Neon Coral, Snow and Black, and Ruby Red.  I made my Lulu out of the Ruby Red, my oldest daughter (not pictured) requested the Snow and Black, and I used the Neon Coral for my youngest (shown in the Star Wars Santa hat below).


Ruby Red and Neon Coral Sweater Knit from Love Adore.


PS - Lulu - 16
Pink Ribbed Sweater Knit from Joann’s!  #handmadewithjoann

PS - Lulu - 13

The Lulu Dolman Sweater is a semi fitted sweater with a dramatic Hi-low hemline.  I finished my neckline with a band instead of binding and I did a regular hem instead of the hem binding that the pattern calls for.

Here are the links to purchase your Lulu Dolman ON SALE TODAY ONLY (2/10/18)!  There are a few bundles available also!

Thanks for reading my blog and Happy Sewing!